The Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group action plan

Click on the table below to access the action plan that we developed as a result of the Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group Twentieth Anniversary Priority Setting (CTAG taps) projectThis action plan provides a summary of all the work that we plan to do that will contribute to answering the questions highlighted by our stakeholders. It is based on the top 8 priority areas, and the top 3 unanswered research questions within each of these, that came out of CTAG taps (click on infographic below the table to see these)Not all of the questions identified can be answered using Cochrane methods and so we are unable to address all of the recommendations solely within our group. However, we have highlighted the projects that we hope to complete, within the methodological constraints and the resources available to us, within the coming years. We hope that our fellow researchers will also use these priorities to work on answering the questions that we are unable to. We have been working on our action plan and its outputs since our prioritisation workshop in 2016. We will continue to work on it and add new planned outputs that arise as a result of our priorities.   

 Click below to access the Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group's action plan                                             Action plan thumbnail           

Click below for the 8 priority areas & the top 3 questions from each identified through CTAG taps

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