Cochrane TAG's conflict of interest policy

Cochrane Reviews should be free of any real or perceived bias introduced by the receipt of any benefit in cash or kind, any hospitality, or any subsidy derived from any source that may have or be perceived to have an interest in the outcome of the review. 

As a Cochrane Review group, the Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group comply with Cochrane's conflict of interest policy, which is available here.

The Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group also have our own additional conflict of interest policy regarding affiliations with the tobacco industry, detailed below:

Individuals who are employed by, have received funding from, provided consultancy for, or have had any other interest in the tobacco industry (as detailed in the Cochrane declarations of interest form here) within the last 3 years are prohibited from being authors of reviews relating to smoking and/or tobacco, managed by the Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group. Please note, authors who choose to become affiliated with the tobacco industry during their time working on a Cochrane Review will be required to step down from the author team. In this instance we describe the tobacco industry as any company which manufactures products containing tobacco. This does not include companies which solely manufacture products containing nicotine only, such as nicotine replacement therapy or nicotine-containing electronic cigarettes [policy implemented from October 2018].

Authors should refer to the policies above when considering working with our group. All authors will be required to declare their conflicts of interest at a number of points during the course of working on a Cochrane Review.